Dispersion of Edinnopowder in water medium; 10:90 :: m:m; modifies the Rheology significantly. It thickens the mix into a gel that maintains its viscosity up to a period of six months to sixty months, depending upon the formulations and process parameters. However, since Edinnopowder is used in food products its Shelflife is kept deliberately up to 12 months period.


The resultant products are termed Gel and one of the products look like:

Edinoopowder Product

The following relevant documents are prepared for the Edinnopowder.

Sl. No. Document Link
01 Technical Specification for Edinnopowder spec.edinnopowder
02 Safety Data Sheet for Edinnopowder sds.edinnopowder
03 SOP for Edinnopowder sop.edinnopowder