Here are the answers to the Frequently Asked Question(FAQS) on Innopowder.

What is Innopowder?

It is an agro material.

Technically speaking, it is a combination of various polysaccharides.

Is it a regulated material?

No. It is not a regulated material. It is an agro product.

Is it an edible material?

No. Innopowder is inedible.

Does this have an edible version?

Yes. The edible powder is there and is known as Edinnopowder.

What is the purpose of developing Innopowder?

Innopowder is developed as a viscosity and calorie developer.

The Rheological characteristics of Innopowder in aqueous medium are interesting. The combined effects of Innopowder in presence and percentages of different chemicals give rise to different viscosities.

Does Innopowder contain high calorie?

Yes and No.

Yes, it is high calorific when a customer needs it to be.

No, if the customer needs it only as a thickener.

Could you explain with an example?

Say you have made a very good slurry formulation, and the formulation is to be mixed for homogeneity in an aqueous medium. But in an aqueous medium, say, your formulation is neither packable nor handleable nor storable.

Innopowder does these jobs. It makes your formulation viscous or semi-solid.

Innopowder helps to build handling properties of your formulation, with or without adding calorific values.

See the viscosity development and Rheology of water in presenceof Innopowder.

Are there other benefits?

Yes. There are more benefits from the use of Innopowder.

Innopowder increases the Shelf-life (storage life) of a slurry formulation upto12 months and beyond.


What is the compatibility list of chemicals and or materials with Innopowder?

Innopowder is compatible with :

  1. water,
  2. an aqueous solution of nitrates,
  3. an aqueous solution of chlorates and perchlorates,
  4. an aqueous solution of sodium chloride and sugar,
  5. an aqueous solution of water in the manufacture water-in-oil type emulsions, and also
  6. an aqueous solution of all the materials like nitrates, chlorates, perchlorates, sodium chloride, sugar, together.

How does Innopowder compare with Guar Gum?

  1. Innopowder is cheaper than Guar Gum.
  2. Unlike Other polysaccharides of its class Innopowder contains adequate calorific values.
  3. The exact content of calorie is tailorable. That means, its calorie content could be tailored base on use pattern.

Is the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) available for Innopowder?

Yes, the TDS is prepared for Innopowder and will be made available with the sample.

Are Technical Specification Sheet and the SoP available for Innopowder?

Yes, the Technical Specification Sheet and the SoP are prepared for Innopowder.