The use of Innoquous in the fuel blend improves and stabilizes the Rheology and stability of water-in-oil emulsion products significantly. Innoquous enhances the emulsion structure as well as the Shelflife in comparison to single emulsifiers, such as Sorbitan Mono Oleate.

It enhances the Shelflife of water-in-oil emulsion products by an additional 07 days inside the blast holes, depending upon the formulations and process parameters during manufacture in the plant and usage in the field.

The resultant products are termed as a water-in-oil emulsion.

Photographs of some of the products made using Innoquous are shown below,

The following relevant documents are prepared for the Innoquous powder.

Sl. No. Document Link
01 Technical Specification for Innoquous spec.innoquous
02 Safety Data Sheet for Innoquous sds.innoquous
03 SOP for Innoquous sop.innoquous